U9 & U10 Recreational Team Entry Form
U11 - U19 Competitive Team Entry Form
U23 Open Division - Team Entry Form
U13-U19 INDOOR Competitive 9v9 - 2/3 Full Field Division Team Entry Form

2014 Summer Outdoor Session Team Registration
Accepting Applications for:
U9 & U10  Recreational Teams - 12 games - $250
U11 & U12 Competitive Teams - 12 games - $500
U13 & U14 Competitive Teams - 12 games - $600
U15 & U16 Competitive Teams - 12 games - $650
U17 - U19  Competitive Teams - 10 games - $600
U23 Open Division - 10 games - $600 + $40 UAYSL Registration Fee/Player **See Specific U23 Open Division Info Below**
U23 Open Division
-  Entry Deadline:  May 12, 2014
-  Team Entry Form, Team Entry Fee, UAYSL Reg. Fees/Player & Roster must be submitted by the entry deadline.  Team Entry Form &  Roster may be emailed.  Payments must be made out to UAYSL and mailed; postmarked by the entry deadline.
-  $40 UAYSL Registration Fee/Player applies to all new players who have not paid UAYSL player fees for play in the fall 2013 or winter 2014 UAYSL indoor sessions. Returning players pay $10.
-  Roster Size:  minimum 11, maximum 22 - including guest players.
-  Division DOB Range:  8/1/91 - 7/31/00
-  Minimum age allowed is true U15 - DOB range 8/1/99-7/31/00.  Younger than true U15 may be allowed with approval by the UAYSL Lead Technical Advisor.  To request a registration waiver email the UAYSL League Administrator at uaysl.info@yahoo.com.
-  Three senior (over age 23) guest players may be written on to the official UAYSL roster for each game.
-  The official UAYSL roster, which will be emailed to the coach and manager prior to the first game, is required to be submitted to the center ref and opposing coach at each game.
-  Roster changes must be emailed to the UAYSL Administrator 48 hours prior to the game in question.  Requests received less than 48 hours prior to a game cannot be guaranteed.
-  AYSA Player Passes are required for all players for the summer session, including senior guest players.  UAYSL will assist.
-  U23 Open Division Team Registration Form - see the link on the left of this page.
U11 - U19 Competitive Teams
Team Entry Form & Team Entry Fee (see application):  Must Be Postmarked/Emailed on or before Saturday April 19, 2014.
**Team entry forms may be emailed but the entry fees must still be mailed, to the address listed on the entry form, on or before the posted deadline to avoid a $200 late fee.  Any team/s whose entry fee/s have not been received by the league administrator on or before the posted bracketing meeting will not be included in the bracketing process. 
Bracketing Meeting:  Wednesday  April 23, 2014 at 10am - CISC Conference Room  
Player Fees & Roster Deadline: Postmarked/Emailed on or before Saturday May 03, 2014.  Rosters AND player fees are due.
**Team rosters may be emailed but the player fees must still be mailed, to the address listed on the entry form, on or before the posted deadline to avoid a $100 late fee.
Player fees: $40 for 1st session a player plays / $10.00 each additional session in the 2013-2014 soccer year.  Intra-club dual/multiple rostering, meaning within a club, will be allowed for summer league play per Rule 206 of the UAYSL Rules of Competition.   **Dual/multiple rostered players must pay the appropriate player fee for each team on which they are rostered.  For new players to the soccer year:  $40 for first team, $10 for each additional  team.  Returning players:  $10 for each team. 
**Please be advised:  Any and all NSF checks will be considered as late payments and all associated late fees & bank fees will apply.**
Player passes are required. 
Games will begin Tuesday May 27, 2014.
NOTE FOR U9-U10 REC PLAYERS - All recreational team applications & rosters must be submitted by one of the clubs affiliated with UAYSL.   Recreational players looking for a team will need to contact the clubs directly to see if space is available.
All competitive and recreational players must be registered with AYSA for the 2013-2014 seasonal year beginning Sept 1, 2013, prior to playing.  This can be done through the affiliated competitive club for which each team is playing.
Mail applications, fees and rosters to UAYSL, PO Box 243565, Anchorage, AK 99524-3565Email team entry forms, team rosters and/or questions to uaysl.info@yahoo.com  

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