Team Adult/Volunteer Requirements for UAYSL League Play

All adults who are involved in any way with a team registered for a UAYSL league session must have completed the following requirements:

1. Completed and passed the AYS (Alaska Youth Soccer) Abuse Prevention Awareness Training course.

2. Completed and passed the AYS Verification/Background Check.

3. All Head Coaches, Asst. Coaches, Team Managers and any other adult who will be present on the team bench must obtain an AYS Adult Pass.

Follow the links below to fulfill the above requirements for a team adult that has not done so through the appropriate UAYSL or AYS member club OR if the team adult is associated with a team that is not affiliated with a UAYSL or AYS member club.

AYS Abuse Prevention Awareness Training

AYS Verification/Background Check

Register for an Adult Pass - (Only for Adults Participating with Teams NOT Affiliated with an AYS or UAYSL Member Competitive Club) - Link TBA