2016 Fall Outdoor Session - UAYSL Team Registration - Important Dates & Information

Accepting team registration for the following age divisions:


'04 (U13) - '98 (U19) Competitive - 11v11 - 8 games

** '05 (U12) Allowed to enter per UAYSL Technical Advisory Panel Approval **

Team Entry Fees:

'04 (U13) & '03 (U14) Teams - $800

'02 (U15) - '98 (U19) Teams - HS Division - $950

Team Entry Forms & Fees:  Postmarked/emailed** on or before Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

Bracketing Meeting:  Wednesday, August 24 - 11:30am - CISC conference room.

Team Rosters & Player Fees: Postmarked/emailed** on or before Monday, August 29, 2016.

Games Will Begin:  Saturday, September 10th.


Team Entry Forms for all age groups will be posted on the "Registration Forms" Link (on the left side of the home page) on or before Friday, July 29th.


Player Fees - The new soccer year begins each year on Sept. 1st and runs through August 31st.  All players are considered new to the soccer year each Sept. 1st.  The UAYSL Annual Player Fee is paid with the FIRST UAYSL session in which a player participates each soccer year.  The Annual UAYSL Player Fee is $60.  A player may play in as many UAYSL sessions as desired, with his/her primary team, once the Annual Player Fee is paid.  UAYSL Dual Roster Player Fee - dual rostered players pay $10/additional team/session.  Intra-club dual/multiple rostering is allowed for league play per Rule 206 of the UAYSL Rules of Competition.

**Team registration forms and rosters MUST BE EMAILED to the UAYSL administrator by the posted deadlines.  Email to uaysl.info@yahoo.com.  All team registration fees and player fees must be mailed and must be postmarked by the respective deadlines posted above to avoid a late fee. If team entry fees are not received by the league administrator prior to the scheduled bracketing meeting said team/s will not be included in bracketing. 

Penalty Fees for late payment

Team registration fees:  $200

Player fees:  $100

If a team has registered and paid the team entry fee, but at bracketing there is not a bracket available for them, the entry fee will be refunded. 

Withdrawl of a registered team before the posted bracketing meeting = full refund of team registration fees.

Withdrawl of a registered team after the posted bracketing meeting (except in the case of no available bracket) = no refund of team registration fees.



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