Player Pass Requirement - UAYSL League Play

Player Passes are required for all players rostered on teams aged 11U - 19U. Player Passes ARE NOT required for players on 9U and/or 10U teams only - Adult Passes ARE required for all teams.

Player Passes are routinely obtained through a player's AYS or UAYSL member competitive soccer club. If a Senior Division player is not affiliated with a competitive soccer club, the player must register and pay the $30 Annual Alaska Youth Soccer (State Organization under which UAYSL operates) membership fee. This must be done prior to placing the player on a team roster. A player who has not registered, and paid the annual fee, cannot receive a Player Pass and therefore will not be allowed to participate in UAYSL games. Once registration and payment has been completed, a player pass can be obtained.

Non-Club Players - Must complete & submit the AYSA Player/Adult Health Status Form. Form can be found HERE

Players Age 18 & Over - Must also view & pass the online Safe Sport Training course in order to receive a player pass.

These requirements apply to a Non-Club Affiliated Player who is 18 year of age and has not completed/obtained a player pass through the appropriate UAYSL or AYS member club. Follow the steps below in this order:

#1. Register for a current UAYSL league session as a Non-Club player. All registration events will be posted on the UAYSL website. In doing this you will activate the Safe Sport training option in your GotSport member account. **UAYSL is no longer using StackSports member accounts. We have switched over to GotSport as required by Alaska Youth Soccer, our state organization. Therefore, the "Member Login" button at the top right of the current UAYSL website IS NOT your GotSport member account. If you do not currently have a GotSport member account, you will be prompted to create one when you register for a UAYSL league session as a player. Then, to login to your GotSport account at any time go to:

#2. Log in to your GotSport member account, go to the dashboard tab. Scroll down, the SafeSport training link should be visible. View, complete and pass the online SafeSport training. The course will take 1.5 - 2 hours so be prepared for that time frame. Once the course has been passed, it will show up in your member account and a certificate will be emailed directly to you. The Safe Sport training can only be accessed through a GotSport member account and is free. Background Checks are not currently required by Alaska Youth Soccer for players aged 18.