Scheduling Requests - UAYSL League Play
UAYSL allows teams to submit up to three specific scheduling requests (dates for no games) and three specific team de-conflict requests (other teams with same head coach) during the online team registration. These specific scheduling requests can only be submitted during online team registration. Requests submitted after the online registration will not be considered. Please Note - all properly submitted requests will be considered during the scheduling process but there are no guarantees that all can be honored.
Routine Scheduling Black Out Dates (No Games)
UAYSL will automatically NOT schedule games, for any team, the day before, the day after and during the following events:
Alaska Airlines Cup
Far North Invitational
Zane Cup Memorial Tournament
AYS State Cup Tournament
Last Frontier Cup
Additonal Outdoor Dates - Games Will Not Be Scheduled:
Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon)
July 3-5
Labor Day Weekend (Fri-Mon)
Super Bowl Sunday (16U-19U Senior Teams will play games)
ASD Spring Break (starting weekend, week of and ending weekend)
Easter Sunday
Possible inclusion of specific ODP events - TBA