UAYSL Weather Policy - Unhealthy Air Quality Event




UAYSL will adhere to the practice of cancelling or suspending outdoor games whenever the Air Quality Index for Anchorage and/or Palmer is at a rating of Unhealthy or worse. AQI information will be obtained using the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Air Quality website.

Alaska Air Quality Index Website Link

UAYSL will make the determination regarding the cancellation of matches due to air quality. However, cancellation will be withheld as long as possible, in case conditions improve. UAYSL will make every effort to make such decisions, and communicate them to all team managers, coaches and referee assignor no later than one hour before a scheduled match. In some circumstances, games may be cancelled earlier in the day if conditions are bad enough and/or have little to no chance of improving in time for matches. Communications will be sent out via email to team managers, coaches and ref assignor.

The following will apply in the situation of an unhealthy air quality event:

1. In the situation where the air quality worsens dramatically at the start of or during a match, the officials are authorized by UAYSL to suspend the match in the interest of safety for players, coaches, officials and spectators.

2. If a game is cancelled within the first half, UAYSL will attempt to reschedule the match at a later date.

3. If a game is cancelled during half-time or in the second half, the score will stand and the game will not be rescheduled.

4. Team entry fees will not be refunded for any game cancelled due to an inclement weather event or if a first half suspended game cannot be successfully rescheduled.